Virtual Pantam Playground

About the APP:

Welcome to the Yishama virtual player!

Over time we have found several ways that this app can be used, here are a few examples.

  1.  When it comes to exploring existing scales, you have the opportunity to check them out first-hand, rather than watching videos of other players.

  2.  Plugging your phone/laptop/tablet into a sound system and playing live at home or at a concert is also possible.

  3.  Looping and creating background music for solo or group jamming.

  4.  With the app, you can create bass lines that are not possible with real instruments (for example, using many low dings that cannot be physically built on a pantam)

  5.  Music production.


Please note that this app was not developed to create custom scales, therefore, we cannot guarantee that a scale which you will create in this app will be able to be built as a real handpan.


Thanks a lot to Hadas Segal for developing this app with us!

More about Hadas and her other projects you can find in the link below