The difference between the scales

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The world of musical scales is so vast and beautiful, the possibilities are endless and the research never ends.

It excites us to discover the opportunities that each scale provides, it is in the distance between the notes where the real magic begins.

The modes can vary from deep to uplifting, sad to exciting, from pentatonic scales to the Hijaz variations from the middle east and to the Pygmy scale of Africa.

In this article, we gathered our descriptions for scales, in this way you can get a visual connection (by the words of our description) to the musicality behind each scale explored by different artists.

Many times people ask us ‘which scale is the best?’ or ‘which scale is the best for me?’

The answer is truly individual, as each person emotionally connects to a different musical mode. You will always know better which is best for you than anyone else.

In each scale we can always find different modes, deciding to leave out one or two notes from the scale suddenly changes the mode completely.

Sometimes we will choose to have an extra instrument, in order to be able to express our current emotions in a more ‘flowing’ way. The possibilities of playing two instruments together open up a new horizon.

Harmonic minor:

The harmonic minor was created originally by great classical composers who asked to increase the harmonic tension and still be able to always return to their starting point in their compositions.. With this scale, you could go on a long quest, have mystical visions, find beautiful melodies. That soar to mountain peaks, blend in mysterious markets, and tell dramatic stories with surprising twists and turns. But fear not, this one, no matter what, always brings you back home.

>> C Harmonic minor 19


F# minor:

A special kind of minor also known as – ‘Akebono’, a traditional Japanese oriental scale. it skipping the 4th degree of the scale, brings out the minor feeling, giving it a beautiful melancholic color. The story of a lonely Samurai being told, the quietness and destiny that lies in a rainy bamboo forest.

>> F Minor 12


La Sirena:

Minor with a major 6th – also known as ‘Dorian’ scale. Hip, sophisticated, jazzy, and daring, this scale has everything to offer in matters of uplifting vibes. So loved and commonly played in the music world, this scale is great for jamming, connecting, and taking the “now” a notch higher!

>> Eb la sirena – Kabecao edition



Derived from a special group of tribes in Africa, The Pygmy is such a playful yet earthy scale, so fun to explore, and let your hands jump around between the notes as if they were raindrops. It is very intuitive and could ground and uplift you at the same time, giving you safety yet encouraging you to grow.  When you are ready, It could also inspire introspection of a deeper emotional dive.

>> F Pygmy 19



A beautiful middle-eastern scale, emotional, and deep. Taken from the mysterious and very deep ‘Maka’am’ set of scales, It is like an oriental journey through the wilderness of the desert, Revealing new colors and fragrances that suddenly become vivid, ready to be explored with pleasure and excitement. 

>> A Hijaz 9


Romanian Hijaz / Nikriz:

Despite its name, the Romanian Hijaz holds a very different palette of colors and feelings than the common ‘Hijaz’. Common in Eastern European countries,  and traditional Jewish music, It is very Poetic, Deep, and intense – connecting us to the depth of our emotional being. The story of a heartbroken lover, crying the tears of his lost beauty. On the other hand, It is also called ‘Nikriz’ in the Middle East and by roaming gypsies and can tell very exciting and energetic stories where women dance by the fire and children play with a glimmer in their eyes.

>> F Romanian Hijaz 20


Aegean – Lydian:

Atmospheric, Ethereal, futuristic. The Aegean scale derives from the Aegean sea, a deep blue, vast as the ocean. A feeling of floating in the middle of the ocean, surrounded only by the deep blue water, like a baby in a womb.

>> Eb Aegean



A joyful scale, celebrating the arrival of spring in the magical forest, when all animals come out of their shelter of winter, a celebration that begins with the song of the birds.

>> Bb Amara 9


Visionary, poppy, an easy-going scale, beautiful melodies are easy to come by, leaving us with a soft and warm feeling of a precious friendship filled with trust and appreciation. Reminding us that everything is moving in the right direction.

>> D Minor kurd 20



Half major half minor, this scale is definitely exceptional and will spark up your imagination! Full of fantasy, As a journey to a far, magical realm might feel.  An endless starry night, new horizons, deep caves, hopeful valleys, and enchanting whispers. It is truly endless…

>> B Onoleo 9



The father of all scales 

Simple, reassuring, familiar, and optimistic. This scale carries that child’s joy, a bright sunny day where everything is great. Could bring pleasant memories and envision a happy future.

>> E Major 17


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