Taking care of your pantam

Finishing to create an Yishama pantam

Taking care of your Pantam is very important, here are the guide lines for a proper care of your instrument:

Using a kitchen paper towel (or any fabric which won’t scratch the surface of the Pantam), apply a few millilitres of 70%-90% proof alcohol onto the paper and start cleaning the surface of the instrument, repeat this process 2-3 times with alcohol and a new paper towel or until the paper comes away clean.
This process is crucial before applying Phoenix oil because if we don’t clean the surface of the instrument and only apply more oil, we will trap moisture and dirt between the instrument and the layer of oil, increasing the risk of rust.

After cleaning both sides of your instrument with alcohol, apply 10-20 drops of Phoenix oil and spread evenly with a new paper towel.
We recommend repeating this process every 2-4 weeks.

Avoid taking your instrument to the beach or areas with high
humidity levels.

We recommend carrying a dry kitchen towel or micro-fiber cloth inside your case, so you can wipe the instrument to remove any acid or dirt after the instrument has been played.
Do not store your instrument inside its case for prolonged periods as moisture can get trapped in the sponge of the case.

Please do not apply any other materials on your Pantam, such as different oils or chemicals for cleaning which can result in loss of sustain and damage to the nitrating layer protecting your instrument from rust.

To purchase Phoenix oil visit this link:

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2 Responses

  1. I live in the California desert and am unsure whether to buy a stainless or intruded handspan.
    Temps even in Spring/Fall get up in the 80s/90s. Summers average 115 degrees F

    Which would you recommend?
    How you would you recommend storage when nights are in the 80s?
    Should I store in most interior area of my house?

    serious buyer, please let me know your thoughts

  2. Hi there – i have a handpan that’s already got rust spots all over it. What can I do to remove the rust spots?

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