“If I have to choose one word for expression about Yishama Pantam. I naturally choose that it is a Space ship that takes you to different dimensions & Outer space straight away when you hit even only one note.

Music is an experience of journey. You can travel wherever you want, especially if you ride an amazing Space ship. That what is Yishama Pantam for my perception.

One of the most beautiful HandPan in the entire world. Made with a lot of love, high end quality & cool figure.
Let’s have an amazing experience and journey with this instrument!“

A Japanese musician, HandPan player, Multi-instrumentalist, Beat-maker and Artist born in Yokohama. Reo is currently based in Melbourne, Vienna, and Tokyo.
Although Reo is Japanese, he spent most of his musical career overseas, and a large part of his music has been influenced by places such as New York, Europe, Melbourne and Tokyo.

His sounds and live performance have both a vast worldview that reminds one of the great nature, and a stylish and cool urban style.
It takes those listening on a mental and spiritual journey, by appealing to the auditory, visual, and tactile senses.

Reo is organizer of Tokyo HandPan Festival & director of Tokyo HandPan Lab. that regularly hostsworkshop and concerts in Tokyo.

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