The Ultimate Handpan Kit

We are delighted and proud to introduce you to the ultimate Handpan kit!

For many months now, we have been working on a bundle that will give you everything you need to start your own journey of creating new and inspiring music.

In this bundle, our focus was on how we can make it easier and more affordable for new and upcoming musicians and Handpan lovers to have an all-included experience.

In this bundle, you will find everything you need to begin (or continue) your musical path:
An Yishama D Kurd 10 Pantam, Evatek HCT hard case, A floor stand, A pair of playing mallets, Phoenix Oil, The Complete Handpan Dojo bundle by David Kuchermann, and the coolest Yishama hat.

The Pantam

One of the most famous scales out there.
So many great tracks have been recorded with this one.
An easy to get, fun to jam with, quick to learn- the D Kurd will be the one scale you will take with you to an isolated island.
Visionary, poppy, an easy-going scale, beautiful melodies are easy to come by, leaving us with a soft and warm feeling of a precious friendship filled with trust and appreciation. Reminding us that everything is moving in the right direction.

The Case

Evatek HCT is by far the best case out there.
Designed and made especially for the Handpan community and considering every small (and big) detail.
Easy to carry, safe to travel, light, and most importantly – look cool as hell.

The online course

Handpan dojo is the #1 online course for Handpan players.
David Kuckhermann has created an easy-to-learn technique that will immediately push your playing to the next level.
His massive community is there to back you up with tons of inspirational videos, tutorials, workbooks, and much more!
We highly recommend you to go over his Course. David is a real professional and a great teacher.

The floor stand

This Handpan floor stand holds your instrument securely at home or concerts. If there isn’t a stand or an open bag nearby, we tend to place the Handpan on the floor, getting the port/gu scratched.
With this sleek design and look, your Handpan is safe and secure!


The playing mallets

With these specially designed mallets, you can play, explore, and extract new sounds from your Handpan. The mallets are designed to produce a gentle and powerful sound for your Handpan without harming it in any way.

Phoenix Oil

When it comes to keeping your instrument in good condition, Phoenix oil is the best option there is out there, made with organic materials so it wont harm your hands and instrument.

All instructions are attached to our instruments; you can always check out this blog post to learn more about them.

Comes with Evatek
hard case

3 years retune

Strong packaging

Secured shipping

Pay with:

D3 Kurd 10 Bundle



  • D3 Kurd 10 Pantam
  • Evatek HCT Bag
  • The Complete Handpan Dojo Bundle Online Course
  • A Pair of Mallets
  • Phoenix Oil
  • An Yishama Hat
  • Insured Worldwide Shipment


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