C Harmonic Minor \ G3 Hijaz 16


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Here you will find a Pantam we can produce in a time frame of 6-9 months.
Once we have received your deposit we will begin the building process.
Your new instrument will be delivered to you once it’s ready and your final payment is completed.

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30% of full price
Full price includes worldwide shipping and an Evatek bag.

Please read our Terms and policy before making a deposit

Full price: 3400€ \ 4050$ (to be paid minus the deposit when the Pantam is being shipped)


G/ C D Eb F G Ab B C D Eb F G Ab B C

Harmonic minor:
The harmonic minor was created originally by great classical composers who asked to increase the harmonic tension and still be able to always return to their starting point in their compositions..
With this scale you could go on a long quest, have mystical visions, find beautiful melodies.
That soar to mountain peaks, blend in mysterious markets and tell dramatic stories with surprising twists and turns.
But fear not, this one, no matter what, always brings you back home.

Weight: 4.4 Kg
Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 28 Cm

Terms and policy

  • To place an order you need to make a deposit of 30% of the Pantam’s full price.
    Rest of the amount will be charged when we will finish producing the Pantam.
  • Prices include worldwide shipping and bag. We send our Pantams in an Evatek HCT.
  • We do not cover custom fees that may apply in your country.
  • All of our Pantams are being shipped with EMS and are insured on their way to you.
  • When paying with Paypal, all Paypal fees will be applied on the costumer and will be added to the final price in the checkout page.
  • To complete the process we will contact you and get your full details via Email.
  • When the Pantam will be shipped you will get an Email with your tracking code.
  • In case that you wish to cancel your pre-order we will refund you the deposit minus 250€ \ 300$ cancellation fee.
  • The total height of an Yishama Pantam from the port to the top of the ding is 28 cm.
    The weight is 4.4 kg.
  • Israeli buyers will need to add 17% VAT at final payment.
  • If you fail to find your desired scale and you want a custom scale Yishama, please sign up here.

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