Handpan playing mallets

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The minimum order quantity is 5 pairs

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Unlock a new way to play, explore, and extract new sounds from your Handpan or tongue drum.

It has been a long time since we have been experimenting with different types of mallets to explore new sounds of the Handpan.

These mallets have been specially designed to bring a soft and strong sound of your Handpan, while not being too harsh on your instrument and also not too soft to be able to extract a rich and full sound of each note.

When played in a sensitive way there is no risk of detuning your instrument.


  • Each pair of Handpan mallets come with a printed Yishama logo.
  • The weight of each mallet (1 piece) is 60 grams.
  • The length of the mallet including the ball is 39cm.

The minimum order quantity is 5 pairs.

If you wish to order only one pair of mallets it is possible only by ordering a Pantam or Pantam stand in the Available now / Pre order / Pantam stand.


Price for 5 pairs:


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