Yishama's Floor Handpan Stand

The handpan floor stand is designed to hold your instrument in the most secure way with elegance at home or concerts.

Often after playing the handpan we place it on the floor if we don’t have a stand or open bag nearby, getting the port/gu of the handpan scratched by the floor.
It can also be subjected to damage by people walking around hitting it with their foot.

The stand comes in 2 different sizes

  1.  For instruments with a total diameter including the rim of 54-57cm (standard size handpan).
  2.  For smaller handpans and Rav drums with a total diameter including the rim of 50-53cm.

Price: 220$ \ 180€



  1. All Materials used to build the handpan floor stand are of highest quality.
  2. The wood used is 20mm thick of birch covered with african walnut veneer.
  3. The hinge (axis) and chain are made of pure Brass.
  4. The Yishama logo is laser engraved at our workshop.
  5. All the construction process of these stands are made entirely at our workshop in Israel.

Price: 220$ \ 180€

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