Yes, personal pickups are possible. please note this infront of customer service before making payments.

The price of the Yishama changes between scales, amount of notes, bottom notes and different material types.

We are not able to provide for exact waiting times, as every Yishama is made carefully and precisely for each player with a lot of attention to fine details.
On our Available now page you might find instruments for immediate purchase from time to time.

With proper playing technique, your Yishama can stay in tune for many years, if the instrument is being played with more force (like a Djembe) it will go out of tune faster, you can check out tutorial videos to see how proper technique is being used to keep your instrument in tune for many years.
Our instruments go through many stability tests to insure that they will stay in tune for many years to come.
The first retuning of your Yishama will be free of charge, shipping and handling costs will be charged from the customer.On our ‘Available now’ page you might find instruments for immediate purchase from time to time.

The total height from the port to the top of the ding is 28 cm. The weight is 4.4 kg.
Most Yishama Pantam’s are 55cm from the outer diameter of the rim, and 53cm from shell to shell.

This is a very important question! You will find all the information needed in our “Pantam care” blog post.

Each Yishama from 2021 and forward, contains a laser engraving inside –  providing the serial number, scale name, and type of material with its thickness.

Click here to learn all you need about buying an Yishama with Affirm.

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