Eb La sirena KABEÇÃO edition

The process of creating the first Eb La Sirena was a real journey! To be able to build a smaller size instrument we had to completely change our tools at the workshop and build everything from zero, this process was an exhausting one, but also full of excitement from the result that soon will come 😉

The first instrument was made for Kabecao, after many conversations and brainstorming about the scale we came up with the layout, we were really excited to finally get our hands dirty and dive into the building.

We still remember the first moment when Kabecao explored the instrument at the front entrance of the Yishama workshop in Israel, it was a beautiful moment of two new friends meeting and becoming inseparable.

The vision behind the creation of Eb La Sirena was to build an instrument with a very ‘natural’ playing layout, not too many notes to confuse the player but with beautiful possibilities especially when combining the bottom notes in your playing.

Because of the smaller size of the instrument it is more accessible to play fast and reach the bottom notes with much more ease, not to mention the comfort of travelling with a light-weight small size instrument!

From Kabecao 

The first time my ears encountered “La Sirena” it was like listening to the hypnotizing singing voices from mermaids. Carrying many mysteries and faces, it’s a version of a Dorian scale, with a dreamy atmosphere, smooth jazz, joyfulness and romance. 

After trying many Handpans in my life and bringing all of that experience to the table, I and Yishama designed a special “La Sirena” Kabeção edition.
Stainless steel as a right material to give this extra-long sustain that fits perfectly the scale.
The layout made of 16 notes were specially placed to make playing almost effortless and fun. To make it more accessible for juggling we made it slightly smaller diameter than usual. 

All these choices made this Pantam an incredible versatile instrument with endless possibilities. 

Now We offer you the opportunity of having the same version in your hands.

Price: 5550$ \ 4600€



(Db) Eb/ (F) Gb (Ab) Bb C Db Eb F Gb Bb (C Db Eb F) – 16 notes


Stainless steel 1.0mm


50cm diameter (small size Pantam)

Hight – 24cm

Weight – 3.7kg


Minor with a major 6th – also known as ‘Dorian’ scale.
Hip, sophisticated, jazzy, and daring, this scale has everything to offer in matters of uplifting vibes.
So loved and commonly played in the music world, this scale is great for jamming, connecting and taking the “now” a notch higher!

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