Alexandre Lora tutorial: Harmony, Melody & Rhythm on the Pantam

Alexanfre Lora Pantam Tutorial cover

In this video, the wonderful Alexandre Lora gives us essential tips on how to combine the three components of music – harmony, melody and rhythm using the Pantam (Handpan). It’s a great tutorial for beginners and intermediate players. Alexandre is using the F3 pygmy 20 (special edition).

A tour at the Yishama workshop

This time, we are happy to share with you a tour that a good friend of us (he even worked at Yishama for a while…) – The Nomad Producer – had in our workshop.In this video, you can find out about the building process and how our Pantams are built.Hope you enjoy it!

When will you need to retune your Pantam?

We believe every Handpan player should know some basic information about the long-term tuning stability of their instrument. It is sometimes hard to tell if an instrument has gone out of tune without checking with a qualified tuner, but by using our ears we can detect if something is wrong. In this post, we hope […]

Why is the Handpan/Pantam considered a transformational self healing instrument?

KAbecao holding an Yishama Pantam

This questions has been in debate since the instrument was first born. The answers vary from spiritual to scientific.In this article we are happy to share our point of view on this question from our own self experience with the instrument, and the observations of interactions with the people who visit our workshop and share […]

The difference between the scales

Finishing an Yishama Pantam

The world of musical scales is so vast and beautiful, the possibilities are endless and the research never ends. It excites us to discover the opportunities that each scale provides, it is in the distance between the notes where the real magic begins. The modes can vary from deep to uplifting, sad to exciting, from […]

Which kind of stainless steel is right for me?

The question Many handpan enthusiasts are asking this question – what is the difference between 1.0mm vs 1.25mm steel and what are the benefits for each?How would I know which one to choose for my handpan? In this article we will do our best to give our point of view on this topic. We will […]

Fine tuning the pantam – #5

How to tune a pantam blog post image

Its time to fine tune!If you missed our last blog post int this series, now is the time to catch up. After 7 days of our handpan being glued under good and equal pressure by the clamps, we can now take the clamps off.Next we will cut the rest of the glue out and grind […]

Glowing the shells of the Pantam – #4

Two shells of an Yishama Pantam

It this blog post, which is the fourth in our “how to build a Pantam” series, I will guide you through the basics of how to glue the shells of the Pantam.If you didn’t read our first, second, and third chapters in the series, then now is a perfect time. Now we are ready to glue our shells!But […]

How to record a Pantam with Thomas Ben-Tov

a man sitting in a recording studio

In this blog post we set down with our long time friend, Pantam player, Pantam stand maker and sound engineer – Thomas Ben Tov. Thomas is our go to guy when it comes to recording our Pantams.He is well known in the Pantams and Handpans world, and have recorded and mixed some of the top […]

Tuning the Pantam – #3

It this blog post, which is the third in our “how to build a Pantam” series, I will guide you through the basics of how to tune a Pantam.If you didn’t read our first and second chapters in the series, then now is a perfect time. Tuning is an art form. It will take years […]

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