My meeting with Yishama Pantam was really special. I still remember the feeling of the first touch on the instrument as all my emotions overwhelmed. It was complitely beyond words. The long sustain with the accuracy of the notes blow my mind and it took me to another dimension but mostly directly to my heart. I feel incredibly fortunate to play this instrument every day also because it is the most beautiful companion for my voice. I feel greatly blessed to be part of this world class team and represtent Yishama Pantam as a player.

Andrea is a hungarian musician and yoga teacher, lives in Budapest. She started music through her inner and outer journeys with learning guitar and singing. Also soon she was involved with the soundhealing with such „tools” as tibetian singing balls, gongs and many other similar instruments. She holds and participate in many mantra chanting events.

She sees music as a healing for humanity where there is complete honesty, openness and all ranges of emotions. She thinks that music is a celebration, a prayer and everyone can take part in this at least with singing as the most healing power is our own voice.

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