Adam Maalouf is a Lebanese-American percussionist and composer.  After graduating with a BA from Eastman School of Music and MM in Music Business from Berklee School of Music, Maalouf moved to NYC to pursue a freelance percussion career. Since 2013, Maalouf has produced three albums featuring solo work and compositions with musicians from India, Persia, the Middle East and the United States. Maalouf’s influences have helped create a distinct creative voice by working with traditional materials in a contemporary fashion, and he is determined to further explore the potential of this new musical creation. 

Maalouf met Yhonatan in Austria at Griasdi Festival 2018 where the two became friends, connecting over their mutual love of singing steel and playing low register instruments such as bass and cello.  

Maalouf is a founding member of the organization Pantam Collective that regularly hosts handpan and world percussion educational workshops in Brooklyn, NY and other U.S. cities.  As a performer, Maalouf has shared the stage with the Brooklyn Raga Massive, the Asheville Percussion Festival, Ensemble Signal, Grammy-nominated violinist Layale Chaker, National Arab Orchestra in Detroit, was a featured artist/performer at the Griasdi Handpan Festival in Austria in 2018, and most recently performed a handpan tour in Lebanon, Summer of 2019.  

Maalouf’s mentors include Anindo Chatterjee (Tabla), Rohan Krishnamurthy (Mridangam/Ghatam), Michael Burritt (Marimba), Bill Cahn (Creativity in Percussion), Glen Velez (Frame Drum), Jamie Haddad (Percussion), Rick Dior (Drumset), and River Guerguerian (Arabic Percussion), Simon Shaheen (Arabic Music).  

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