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Yishama  was founded in 2014 by Yhonatan Ale-Yahav (formally known as Yonatan Bar).
Yhonatan started his journey in a small house located in the Carmel mountains in Israel, where he could spend his time hammering and diving deep in the world of steel and tuning.

After 2 years of research in the field of steel and frequencies the Yishama Pantams were ready to be released to the world.

Since then Yhonatan’s passion for deepening the research of scales, materials, techniques, shaping and tuning had kept on growing and helped to push the field of Pantam building.

In 2017 Ido Siri joined Yishama and helped to push the limits further with his great passion for creating high quality instruments.
his vision was aligned with Yhonatan’s vision and a new chapter has begun for Yishama.

Today the team focuses their energy on building high quality instruments to provide each and every player with a rich and deep experience every time they touch their instrument.

The Yishama Pantam/Handpans are offered in 3 sizes – 50 / 53 / 56 cM in diameter and a large variety of scales going as low as E2 dings and high as E6 note.

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You can also place an order for a custom scale Yishama Pantam here.

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind the work and research at Yishama is to expand the boundaries of what we know at every given moment.
Whenever someone achieves a certain quality in their art form, they feel a beautiful sensation of accomplishment, savoring the fruits of their hard work.

At Yishama, we enjoy this beautiful moment too, but shortly afterward, we continue walking our path, looking for the next step of development. We continuously strive to attain a higher level of accuracy and precision in our work, a deeper understanding of the steel, and the endless possibilities that it offers for the maker and player to explore.

This vision pushes us to continue our journey in deeper research of the possibilities to be found, not only in the steel itself.
We dive deep into the realm of sound these instruments possess with a magnifying glass, working endlessly and tirelessly to balance each note, bringing it to its maximum potential. The fine balance between the harmonics and fundamentals lends a warm depth to each note – creating a beautiful symbiotic relationship between each frequency in the vessel, inspired by the delicate natural balance found in nature.

The quality of the final product is measured not only in the Pantam itself, but also in the whole package: The aesthetics of the Yishama’s, our customer service, the safe packaging of our instruments for shipping, and the list goes on.
The unique connection between the team members at Yishama is part of our path as a tribe working together. Those who get to visit our workshop in Israel always get the taste of a working family.
All of this is done while keeping in mind the time we are facing on the planet according to mass pollution. We try our best to ensure that the development and progress of Yishama do not harm the earth from which we obtain the steel used to create our musical instruments. Most of the steel we use comes from recycled shipwrecks where the salvaged metal is reformed into new sheets of steel. We find that in this steel there is a special magic, a spirit which we don’t find in more ‘sterilized’ steel.

We will keep on pushing the boundaries as we know it, defining ourselves over and over again, at every given moment to bring you the closest product we can imagine to ‘perfect’.
This journey happens inside our hearts and inside the living Handpan community worldwide. We are deeply inspired by the people around us and the international community, and we hope to inspire them in return.
With love and gratitude,
The Yishama team.

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