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Yishama Logo

Important notice!
We are temporarily suspending our ‘Pre-order’ section,
Lately, you guys have been killing it and the orders are through the roof!
We need some time to press pause as we get ready to create all the orders that we received in the last few weeks.

We are also allocating time for research and development of new scales, improving the existing ones, and some very exciting features that we will announce very soon.
So stay tuned and follow us on all the platforms for updates.

We are still making it available for anyone who wants to get on the waiting list for the custom scales and pre-order.

During the next few months we will be dropping in instruments at the available now section for immediate purchase, so stay tuned.

Last but not least, we want to thank you all for your appreciation and the trust that you put in us, we don’t take that for granted and we feel very lucky to have you all on board with us on this crazy trip.
With much love,
Yishama team

Welcome To Yishama

At Yishama, we strive for quality and passion.

‘Yishama’ comes from the Hebrew word ‘יִשָּׁמַע’, which means ‘to be heard’.
The vision behind the Yishama is to create a sound sculpture that will offer the individual a unique experience of self-exploration through sound, beat, and harmony.

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Here we will offer instruments for immediate purchase, there are no fixed dates and time for the Flash Sales. You can try your luck on this page every few days.

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Get to know the wonderful musicians playing the Yishama Pantam and explore their music.

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